Cophine’s Scenes at Orphan Black S02E02”Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” : 

Bring it on!

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the first and last songs sung in the choir room

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No matter who you ship that pairing will never have a close up picture of them in the shadows with their faces almost touching with the caption “Fate has laid a hand”

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You don’t own us.

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get to know me: [10/10] tv shows | glee
 "We’re all losers! Everyone in this school! Hell, everyone in this town! Out of all the kids who graduate, maybe half will go to college, and two will leave the state to do it! I’m not afraid to be called a loser because I can accept that’s what I am."

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(bc i saw this post my dash and omg i’m not the only one that thought i saw a deer in headlights look):

"do you think you’d ever come out-" *dianna gulps and looks right* "-with your own album"

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Look, Sarah, Delphine put me on the list for the DYAD tonight.

@AshleyLendzion The kids are back on set. #horribleparents @JCWes @loleynik #HeatherMorris

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